Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3 proven methods for turning away customers and losing money

3 Proven Methods For Turning Away Customers and Losing Money

It's difficult to reach your buisness goals if you don't have the right materials and/or the information to help your buisness reach the success it's capable of. These three insights will help you generate the buisness you've always dreamed of.

customer procrastination, customer distraction

Are you your own worst marketing enemy? Hey, I'm sure you wouldn't intentionally turn customers away... but we all make mistakes. In the following article you'll find some tried and true ways to lose sales and kiss your profits goodbye!

1. Distract Them
You know what I'm talking about. You've been to Web pages where there were a TON of clickable links. You start clicking away, get 10 screens open... and yeah, you forget which is the original site and why the heck you were there in the first place!

This one is especially true for Internet marketers. Let me ask you... how many clickable links are on your Web page? Don't send your customers to other places before you've made a sale. Once a prospect heads out for greener pastures, they'll probably never find their way back.

2. Give Them An Unpleasant Surprise
You've probably made a purchase, got set to write the check and discovered extra fees that you weren't counting on paying. No one even mentioned them until you were sitting there with pen i


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